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This is a cock ring. A cock ring is a ring with which the man puts over the erect penis, pushing it to the base and under the testicles, raising them upwards.

The main purposes of the cock ring are:

  1. To delay ejaculation,
  2. Maintain a stiff erection longer,
  3. Prolong and intensify orgasms.

In these purposes, cock rings work magically. The clit flicker, in addition to the above functions that benefit a man greatly, it also has a flicker that vibrates and touches the clitoris with each pounding. This makes sexual pleasure fun for both parties.


This clit flicker comes with 3AG13 cell batteries – included


Clit Flicker with Wireless Vibrator Clit Flicker with Wireless Vibrator Clit Flicker with Wireless Vibrator


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