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If you are a beginner in anal sex, or if you want to reduce the pain a little bit, then Anal Eze Desensitizing gel is the perfect solution. Smooth and slick, this unscented medium strength gel will give you the ultimate pleasurable adult experience. This desensitizing gel acts as a lubricant too making anal sex easy and pleasurable.


– Desensitizes the sphincter ring and slightly numbs the nerves enhancing anal sex

– Unscented

– The gel acts as a lubricant too

– Easy to use

– Original formula has been used and trusted for years


This gel is easy to use. Simply apply a small amount to rectal area and wait a few minutes for desensitization to take effect before attempting penetration. It might take you a few tries of application to figure out what amount is right for you.


If you have always had your fears of anal sex, then Anal Eze is the perfect rescue. Try it and you will always love it.



Anal Eze Gel 44ml (1.5oz)