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This is the cheapest place you could buy the Fleshlight in Kenya. And the advantages only start there. This particular unit of Fleshlight is designed as a Stamina Training Unit. What that means is that the more you train on this toy, the more stamina you will have on your dick.


To phrase it in perspective: If you can last for 10 minutes in this training unit, then you can last for 20 minutes in bed with anyone!


The lining of this Fleshlight training unit is ribbed ensuring the perfect training that you need. The base of this Fleshlight sucks you inside with every backstroke. The suction can be so great creating an ultimate training experience you will ever need. If you want to last longer, you would definitely want to adjust the screwable base to create less suction.


Of course the orifice is super tight and the nubs inside make for a great experience. The material of this fleshlight is real skin-like and stretchy to your liking. The length is 10inches long - perfect for your dick size.


And the biggest question to ask is this: Who should use this Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)? Our answer is simple: Anyone with a dick who wants to train it. Of course we need to add that you MUST be over 18 years old to purchase and train on this toy.


Instructions of use:

  1. Remove the “flesh” from its “torch” and place it in warm water for 3-5 minutes to warm it up to your liking. When warm enough, return it back to the torch.
  2.  Using STRICTLY only WATER-BASED LUBE, lubricate yourself, the orifice entry and the internal canal of the unit generously. DO NOT use Vaseline, or silicone lubes – they ultimately will damage your unit.
  3. Use the product as you would during sex. The Fleshlight has an adjustable cap at its base. Use this to adjust the suction effect of the unit. Your aim is to train longer and therefore you normally would loosen the cap.


Caring for your Unit:

  1. After use, remove the sleeve from its casing. Run warm water through it to clean it. You can use our anti-bacterial cleaner in stock for further sanitation.
  2. Ensure that you allow it to air dry before storage



Product Details
Canal Length: 24cm(9.5in)
Larger Width: 10cm(4in)
Bottom Width: 5.7cm(2.25in)
Case Color: Gold
Sleeve Color: Pink
Feature: Has nubs for training, has suction effect
Shape: Torch
Material: Real Skin TPR
Weight: 950g (33.5 Ounces)