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You never want a CD that will burst on you during action - you absolutely DO NOT want it to burst. Here is where Durex comes to play. Stocking it at the cheapest price you could ever buy anywhere in the country, we offer you Durex. Durex is designed specifically to last, and last it does.


Of course we know that we could stock for you some 20bob worth of condom but why have something that will burst halfway through and expose you to... who knows whatever! Durex exists specifically to totally eliminate all your fears. Put it this way, you are either using Durex or doing it wrong.


- The cheapest price for a Durex pack in the country

- Will not burst on you during use

- Made of natural rubber latex

- Pleasant and mild scent

- Each condom is electronically tested to ensure total safety


Durex comes in a wide range of flavors to choose from. Each pack contains three condoms. Select your favorite type and enjoy.


Of course our prices are the cheapest, our delivery discreet and your privacy 100% guaranteed. Plus if you are within Nairobi you can opt to pay on delivery. Add Durex to your order and we will deliver it to you wherever you want it.


Product Details
Material: Latex
Feature: Lubricated
Colour: Clear
Brand: Durex
Manufacture: Durex
Weight: 13.6 g (0.48 Ounces)