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We have been stocking dildos for a decade now and over and over, some of our beloved customers have been asking for size – big size. The Naturals 12 inches delivers just that. Its length is the coveted 12 inches. Its width is perfect for a full feel and its realism is outstanding – it is just as natural and flexible and fleshy and veiny like the real thing. It also has balls to add to the realism and to play with. This dildo can also be attached to a strapon for couple extra huge dildo play.


Product Details
Length 30 cm (12 Inches)
Width(bullet): 5.6 cm (2.2 Inches)
Feature: Raised ridges, phthalate free, body safe
Material: PVC
Color: Beige
Texture: Veined
Shape: Phallic
Weight: 750 g (26.4 Ounces)