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This pair of Fetish Fantasy Gold Nipple Bull Ring gives you the sexiest looks without having to get your nipples pierced. Designed to make you look sexy and kinky, this bull ring is the perfect solution for those that don’t actually want to pierce their nipples. When clapped on, the dangling metal ball caresses the sensitive parts of your nipple’s base sending shivers down your spine with every movement you make. This bull ring is very attractive and very sexually arousing both to you and to your partner. Put them on and give that erotic surprise to your partner showing them just how kinky you can be.


- One pair of gold nipple bull rings

- No piercing required.

- Has rounded clamping tip for comfort when clamped.

- You can adjust it to fit your size

- Has a hanging ball that is sexually arousing as you move

- Clamps with a gentle and firm pinch to your nipples

- Nice golden finish that is sexy and attractive

- Display that naughty you while keeping your nipples erect


If you are looking for something that will make your nipples hard and aroused, and let them stay that way for a long time, this pair of non-piercing bull ring is designed just for that. Decorate your nipples with these bull rings and make them look really sexy and beautiful. You will be surprised by just how much of a turn on these nipple rings are for you and your partner.


Whether you are going out swimming and you want to look sexy and perky, or you are indoors and want to give your partner that erotic sexy look, this non-piercing nipple rings will stay on firmly and comfortably and keep you aroused throughout.


Feel sexy, look sexy, be naughty. A kinky girl must have this sexy jewelry in her collection.


Product Details
Colors: Gold
Material: Metal
Feature: Dangling ball detail for additional stimulation, adjustable