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This creative easy to use Lube Tube is designed to deliver your favorite lubricant in your rectal area exactly where you want it. Made of safe plastic material, the Lube Tube can be used to deliver all types of anal lubes into your rectal area. The packaging contains two Lube Tubes for your convenience.


- Handy for applying your favorite anal lubricant right in where you want it

- Contains 2 Lube Tubes per package

- Made of safe, phthalate free non-porous plastic material

- Reusable, refillable and easy to clean

- Easy to use and easy to carry as your travel companion


In anal sex, lubrication is everything and this tube delivers the lube right where you want it hence avoiding waste and making penetration easy and more fun.


Simply open the small cap at the front of the lube tube, and just like a syringe, suck in some anal lube and deliver the lube right inside your rectal area where you want it. You then can apply only a small amount on the outside of your butt and insertion will be much easier and fun than you had ever experienced before.


The Lube Tube is also designed such that it can retain and store your favorite lube in the tube without having to refill it every time. After use, simply clean the exterior of the tube and fit the handy cap with your favorite lube inside the tube and it is ready for next time use.


Once you start using this handy toy, you will be amazed at how much less lube you now use and how penetration becomes much, much easier.



Product Details
Length 8.3cm (3.25in)
Width 1.3cm (0.5in)
Feature: Phthalate Free
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Weight: 61g(2.16Ounces)